Night Thieves are a London based rock band formed in 2017, when Jess and Rick started looking for a guitarist to start a new project. Paul got in touch, auditioned, and the writing began.

"Our approach to music is to create songs that are fun and enjoyable for us to play. Everyone in the band brings their own influence that makes Night Thieves sound unique, from pop to hardcore. Ultimately we want every song to be an ear-worm with its own identity".

With over an albums worth of songs in the bag Night Thieves entered Stakeout Studios in 2019 to record a 4 track EP with renowned producer Jason Wilson (Ruben, Marisa and the Moths, Dinosaur Pileup, Fightstar).


The plan was simple, “We didn’t give Jason any musical references. We wanted our own sound and it needed to be BIG”. BIG is what this EP is! Night Thieves deliver a blend of melodic pop rock with massive drop tuned guitar riffs, face melting bass fuzz, pounding drums, all led by lush dynamic vocals.

"Every story begins with chaos or adventure, which sets the theme and tone to the lyrics, and contains underlying messages prevalent/relevant to our current times. Each song has its own identity while keeping an overall sound. The EP turned out exactly the way we wanted and our producer Jason was pivotal in helping us achieve that. We can’t wait to share it with everyone”!


Jess Moyle - Vocals

Paul Andrew - Guitar

Rick Wall - Bass

Chris Coello - Drums

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