POWERPLAY Magazine's 8/10 review of "Spiral"

Heavy rockers Night Thieves formed in 2017 and delivered their well received debut EP 'Battle Cry' last year. The London-based trio - comprising of Jess Moyle (vocals), Paul Andrew (guitar), and Rick Hunter-Burns (bass) - have now recorded their sophomore EP, 'Spiral'. With three tracks and a running time of 10 minutes, 'Spiral' offers just a bite of the bands material, but what a tasty morsel it is. The EP opens with 'Atoned', the subject of which stems from the polarisation of viewpoints that we see in today's world. Moyle's powerful vocals are more than a match for the thundering riffs, and the track bristles with energy from start to finish. 'Off The Wire' shifts between full-on intensity and relatively subdued moments of calm, making it the most dynamic track on the EP. Meanwhile the third and final song 'Figure It Out' is positively anthemic, with its monstrous chorus being sure to make it a crowd-pleaser at live gigs.

Darker and heavier than its predecessor, 'Spiral' shows a growing skill and confidence from Night Thieves. Despite its brevity, the EP crams in more than its fair share of expansive drop-tuned riffs and ultra-hooky vocals, and it left me eager to hear more from this exciting band. Highly recommended. 8/10 - Andy Houghton, Powerplay Magazine